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6 simple ways to celebrate World Brain Day

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Curious fact:The brain transports information at a speed of approximately268 miles per hour, going faster than a Formula 1 car.

Every July 22nd we celebrate World Brain Day and commemorate one of the body’s vital organs. The brain, also known as grey matter, is the organ responsible for controlling cognitive activities such as thinking, speaking, and reading. It is also responsible for our body’s reactions to external sensory stimuli. This day is about raising awareness of the potential of this organ, as well as preventing risks and diseases that could affect our quality of life.

This year theme

Each year, for Brain Day, the World Federation of Neurology chooses a theme related to this organ. The subject is then discussed at several conferences by experts on the subject. This year, the chosen theme was “Brain Health for All”, because with the difficulties we face on a daily basis such as epidemics, wars, climate change, among many others; our development and brain health are compromised.

This year, the campaign will focus on the following 5 points:

  • Awareness: It is important to be aware that having good brain health is fundamental to maintaining our mental, social, and physical well-being. It is a very important part of our health and development.
  • Prevention: Although brain diseases can be very dangerous, the vast majority are preventable with healthy habits.
  • Advocacy: There are global actions that are needed to ensure optimal brain health for all.
  • Education: Education is a key point to ensure and develop optimal brain health.
  • Access: An effort is needed to ensure that everyone has access to the resources, treatments and rehabilitation needed to maintain excellent brain health.

To address these issues, neurologists, scientists, health professionals, organizations working on the issue and activists, who have dedicated their lives to understanding how the brain works, will be invited. These experts will offer their points of view and experience in order to educate the audience.

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The main factors affecting our brain health are diseases. Some have a greater impact on our health, but all of them affect our well-being. The most common brain diseases are:

  • Migraine: This is a disease that can cause severe or moderate disabilities, in fact, the WHO has classified it as the sixth leading cause of disabilities, because it seriously affects the functionality of people.
  • Stroke: These accidents are caused by blood clots in the brain that cut off the blood supply. These types of accidents are often very dangerous, as they can be fatal.
  • Neurodegenerative diseases: These diseases are characterized by gradual degeneration of the neurons, which affects movement control, memory, and cognition. Some of the most common are Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis and Huntington’s disease, characterized by impairing the body’s motor and cognitive functions.
  • Mental disorders: They affect particular patterns of the psyche, linked to mental and somatic functions. The most common disorders are clinical depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and PTSD.
  • Infectious diseases: These diseases are caused by viruses or bacteria, including meningitis, “mad cow” disease and encephalomyelitis.
  • Congenital diseases: Within this category, the most common disease is Down syndrome. These types of diseases are characterized by alterations of neuronal development due to genetic or environmental factors.

How can I help my brain?

Fortunately, we can acquire habits and actions that will allow us to take responsibility for our own health. In this way, with small actions we are ensuring a good quality of life and a better future for ourselves and our families. The recommendations include the following:

  • Nutrition: Diets rich in vegetables, vegetables, fruits, and fish promote the transport of oxygen and nutrients to the brain.
  • Physical activity: Exercising regularly not only helps our brain health, but our overall health, especially if we do aerobic exercise.
  • Cognitive activity: Memory games and puzzles are recommended.
  • Controlling cardiovascular risk factors: It is important to always be aware of risk factors such as hypertension and blood sugar levels. Risky factors such as drug and tobacco use should also be eliminated.
  • Controlling stress, anxiety, and depression: If you need it, it is extremely important to seek help from a specialist.
  • Social interaction: Closer ties with family, friends, and work colleagues can help maintain interaction with other people.

Real story

In 2018, 45-year-old Maury Mendenhall, a mother of two, was returning from a business trip to Zimbabwe and Nigeria. Maury was trying to recover from jetlag and a headache that had bothered her for weeks, worsening as time went by. At work, she found it hard to make herself understood with her colleagues, which was unusual for her. The day after her arrival, Maury woke up in pain and crying. When her mother, who had taken care of Maury’s children in her absence, arrived, she noticed that Maury was having great difficulty talking to her and all her mother could understand was that she was asking for help.

When they took her to the hospital, they found out she had suffered a stroke. The recovery was long and very difficult, as found it hard to understand what people were saying and had to learn to read and write again. Many months later, Maury returned to work and gradually regained control over her life.

Health insurance

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Grandmother and granddaughter


The brain is a fascinating organ that is a very important part of our lives and from which we learn more and more every day. Likewise, it is important that we take care of it so that we can enjoy a long life. For this, it is important to take measures and incorporate healthy habits into our lives, such as good nutrition, physical and cognitive activity, among other things to prevent any disease that could threaten our lives. We must keep in mind that good brain health is part of a life of well-being and happiness.

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