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Advantages or disadvantages of videogames

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Curious fact: Minecraft is the best-selling videogame ever with $180 million in sales and counting.

The video game industry has seen impressive growth over the last few years, as everyday people are trying them for the first time, becoming a very common practice, especially among young people. A study by the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) estimates that 75% of households have at least one member who plays video games, which translates to a total of approximately 214. 4 million gamers in the United States. These data shows that the use of video games has become an essential part of everyday life in this country, having a great influence on society and culture, and more specifically on young people.

Types of videogames

Also, there is a great variety of types of video games from which you can choose depending on your interests. Some of these types are recommended for different ages, however, everyone can find a genre that will help them develop skills while having a good time.

  • Simulation: Copies physical and emotional situations that can occur in everyday life without posing any risk.
  • Sport: Simulates traditional sports
  • Logic: The main goal of this game is to solve problems by using logic and different cognitive strategies.
  • Music: Players follow the music through the rhythm and speed of musical patterns.
  • Education: They have didactic and academic functions specifically designed for children.
  • Role-playing games: These are characterized by relating to the main character of the game who evolves with the story. Players must finish adventures and contact other characters to accomplish missions in the game.
  • Action: In this type of games, you must overcome obstacles and challenges to overcome the levels. It usually requires the development of reflexes, aim, speed, and other skills.
  • Adventure: These games focus primarily on the story and character, where the player must do exploratory tasks.
  • Shooters: You play as a character who has weapons, usually these games require many skills such as reflexes, hand and eye coordination, response times and aim. These games are recommended for adults.

Advantages of videogames

In recent years, multiple studies have found several advantages over the use of video games, using them as a tool for cognitive, academic, and personal development.

  • Social interaction

One of the main advantages of playing video games is the increase in social interaction between online gamers, by meeting players at every game, users begin to create bonds of friendship and support between them.

  • Skill training

In research by Perea and La Peña in 2018, differences in executive function and attention skills were studied, specifically in cognitive flexibility and cognitive interference in video game players and non-consumers. After both groups were tested, video game players scored significantly higher in attention, cognitive flexibility and cognitive interference. Meaning video games can also be used to enhance attentional and executive cognitive abilities. Likewise, it has been proven that video games can help train and work logic.

  • Treatment for various conditions

Video games can also be used by people with physical and psychological conditions, for their therapeutic benefits. Video games are commonly used as physical therapy for those who have visuomotor coordination problems or lack of mobility. They are also often used for psychological and emotional conditions such as autism and depression.

Disadvantages of videogames

There are also some disadvantages that can be very detrimental to the health and well-being of users of games, affecting their personal, social, and professional lives.

  • Decreased physical activity

One of the main criticisms of video games is that, due to their constant use, players tend to have less physical activity, especially children and young people who need this type of activity to be able to develop in the best possible way. They promote a sedentary lifestyle and bad habits that in the long run can be detrimental to people’s health and well-being.

  • They create social barriers outside the video game environment

Also, there is a decrease in social activity outside the video game environment, as young people tend to get used to having contact with other people through a screen, creating a difficulty in relating and bonding with people in real life.

Adiction to videogames

The worst disadvantage of playing video games is the threat to create a possible addiction and dependency, which occurs when addicted people abandon the necessary and basic daily activities to continue playing, even avoiding friendships, social interactions and duties such as school or work. Also, problematic behaviors can be created in a person addicted to video games when they are not playing, creating difficult situations in their personal life, affecting themselves and the people around them. If a video game addiction is detected in a family member, it is important to seek help from a specialist as soon as possible, to avoid the problem from escalating and causing a worse impact on the family’s well-being.

Real story

Billy Brown is a young man born in Ashton, a small town in England. For years he suffered from an addiction to video games, as he only sat in his robe at his computer to play and read about politics. Billy’s addiction started with the stress of college exams and a couple of broken ankles, forcing him to lock himself up at home and isolate himself from the world. Over time, Billy lost contact with the outer world, in 7 years he left his house only a couple of times, and even had suicidal thoughts. Finally, Billy decided to seek help and ended up participating in Real Ideas Organization’s Game Changer program, which helps young people develop their skills and overcome problems they face while getting a job. 14 months after he decided to take action on his problem, Billy decided to create a board game that would help improve the lives of those who went through similar situations.

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Video games are an important part of the daily lives of millions of people around the world and depending on how each person uses them, you can gain advantages or disadvantages from them. It is important to learn how to use video games responsibly, to keep all areas of your life in order and protect your well-being and happiness.

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