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Curious fact: The first Christmas trees were used in ancient Rome and Egypt, andthey were originally decorated using nuts and fruits.

December is here, a month characterized by its festivities, where we gather with our loved ones, family, or friends to celebrate and have a good time. Living in such a diverse world, we encounter different events that are celebrated in diverse parts of the world by people from all countries, religions and ethnicities. Below, you will find information about the different festivities that take place in December around the world.

Saint Nicholas Day – December 5th

This day is celebrated in Europe, mainly in Russia and Greece. It takes place on December the 5th, where people replicate the good deeds of St. Nicholas, who, according to tradition, sold all his belongings to be able to give money to others. During the day, everyone gifts chocolates, sweets, and riddles, while children put out their shoes along with carrots to receive gifts from St. Nicholas.
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Hannukah – November 28th, 2022, to December 6th, 2022

Hannukah is a Jewish celebration that will take place from November 28, 2022, to December 6 of this same year. For 8 days, Jews perform various activities such as lighting candles in the Menorah every night, singing traditional songs, prayers, eating dairy and fried food, Dreidel games, and gifts for children.

Saint Lucy Day – December 13th

This tradition is celebrated in Sweden, Norway, and some parts of Finland. The story behind the celebration tells that Saint Lucy was a Christian woman who gave food to the Christians who lived under Rome, for which she was murdered. Every December 13th, thousands of Scandinavian women go out in traditional costumes and candles. Its significance lies in the fact that, for those who celebrate it, it means light during the cold winter.

Christmas – December 25th

This is one of the most popular celebrations during the month of December, which is held on December 25th of each year, the day in which the birth of Jesus Christ is celebrated, and although it is a Christian and Catholic celebration, many people celebrate it regardless of their religion. On this day, people gather with their loved ones and exchange gifts; Santa Claus is in charge of the gifts for the little ones.

Kwanzaa – December 26th to January 1st

Kwanzaa is an African American spiritual celebration, which takes place from December 26th to January 1st, with a duration of seven days. During these seven days, those who celebrate wear traditional African dresses, decorate their homes with fruits and vegetables, and light a kinara, which is a candleholder.

Osaka – December 31st

Finally, another of the celebrations that we will talk about in this blog, is Osaka, a day that is celebrated in Japan. This celebration is also known as the Japanese New Year, and is celebrated on December 31st. Two main activities are carried out: the first is a thorough cleaning of the house, to leave everything that is not useful behind and start the year off without any burdens; on the other hand, there are also feasts with family and friends full of traditional Japanese food.

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Regardless of our nationality, ethnicity, age, sex, or religion, it is important that we learn to appreciate other traditions, but above all, to respect them, and to take what we like from each one of them: all these celebrations give us the opportunity to highlight the importance of giving and sharing with others and your loved ones.
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