Critical Illness Insurance

Protect your loved ones, your savings, and financial obligations in the event of any life-threatening condition. Critical Illness coverage gives you financial aid and benefits for your and your family’s peace of mind.

Critical Illness Accelerated Death Benefit & 5 Year Renewable Term Life that provides You a lump sum benefit payment for a Specified Critical Illness Event or Specified Critical Illness Surgery that occurs during Your lifetime. The amount of the Accelerated Death Benefit is a specified percentage of the plan’s Death Benefit. Once 100% of the Death Benefit has been paid, coverage under Critical Illness terminates.


Condition Benefit
Kidney Failure100% of Death Benefit
Life Threatening Cancer100% of Death Benefit
Major Organ Transplant100% of Death Benefit
Permanent Paralysis100% of Death Benefit
Heart Attack100% of Death Benefit
Stroke100% of Death Benefit
Terminal Illness100% of Death Benefit
Aorta Graft Surgery25% of Death Benefit
Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery25% of Death Benefit
Heart Valve Surgery25% of Death Benefit
Coronary Angioplasty10% of Death Benefit
COVID-19 affections resulting in hospitalization10% of Death Benefit
First 90 days of Life-threatening Cancer$500 USD
First 30 days other affections than Cancer$500 USD

The amount of You and Your Spouse’s Death Benefit will be based on Your selected monthly premium. The Death Benefit for Your dependent children are limited to $15,000 and will not exceed 50% of the Primary Insured’s Death Benefit amount or the amount of Your Spouse’s Death Benefit.

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