Different New Year celebrations around the world

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Curious fact: In the United States, nearly 360 million glasses of sparkling wine are drunk every new year.

The new year is approaching, and with it, the possibility to start from scratch and put behind us everything that is no longer good for us. Many people take advantage of the New Year to set new goals and celebrate with their loved ones, but did you know that there are a lot of New Year celebrations around the world?

Shōgatsu – January 1st 2023

Shōgatsu is the Japanese New Year, during which Japanese citizens enjoy traditional food in the company of family and loved ones. Bonenkai parties also take place during this celebration, which are celebrated with the purpose of leaving behind all the problems of the previous year. In the same way, this important day for the Japaneseis celebrated by cleaning the house and visiting temples or shrines.
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Old New Year – January 14th 2023

Also known as Eastern Orthodox Church New Year or Julian New Year. We’re sure you didn’t know about this celebration, which takes place mainly in Russia, Macedonia, Serbia, and Ukraine. The people from these countries celebrate with lots of food and drinks, and fireworks.

Chinese New Year – January 23rd 2023 

The Chinese New Year will be celebrated on January 23, 2023; however, this changes every year as the date is determined by the lunar calendar. This celebration officially lasts 7 days, however, it is not uncommon for celebrations to last up to 2 weeks. Activities taking place in the Chinese New Year are week-long work vacations, eating traditional Chinese food, dancing dragon performances, and the Festival of Lanterns.

Rosh Hashana – September 15th 2023 – September 17th 2023

Rosh Hashanah is also known as the Jewish New Year, and is celebrated by Jewish people all around the world. This celebration involves various activities that are very significant for the entire Jewish community, such as sounding the shofar, attending synagogues, diving in bodies of water, and eating sweet foods in order to symbolize the arrival of a sweet year.

Hijiri – September 22nd 2023

Hijri is the Islamic New Year, and is celebrated on September 22nd, as this is the date on which the Prophet Muhammad begins his journey from the Mecca to Medina. Muslim people often make their list of purposes to fulfill during the new year.

Diwali – November 12th 2023

Diwali is a celebration from India, and is also known as the Festival of Lights, or the Hindu New Year. The date of this celebration will depend, like the Chinese Year, on the lunar cycle: this is why the date on which Diwali will be celebrated in 2023 is November 12. It lasts for 5 days, during which Hindu people wear new clothes, share sweets, and watch fireworks. However, the most important of these five days is the third, in which people can be observed praying, and lighting candles and lanterns.

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Regardless of which celebration you consider to be your new year, we recommend that you take it as an opportunity to start from scratch and forget the problems you might have faced last year, but also as a day to be thankful for all the good things that happened to us. On behalf of ByBs Group, we wish you a great New Year’s Eve, and hope that the next one will be one full of joy, good luck, and amazing moments.
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