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How to easily combat back-to-school stress?

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Curious fact: Approximately 2.4% of students suffer from didaskalinophobia, which means “fear of going to school”.

Back to school day is approaching, which can mean anxiety and stress for many children and teenagers, especially those entering new schools. As parents, we can take measures to help make back to school less stressful for our children, and if they are teenagers, there are also actions they can take to get back to school in the best way possible.

Back to school recomendations

Going back to classes can be quite a challenge, since many, if not all, students prefer the holidays as it is a period filled with fun. As a result, regaining the discipline required during the school year can be very difficult, so we recommend the following:

  1. Re-establish your routine: During the holidays, it is normal for children to let go of their schedule, which can make them have a hard time when they go back to school.
  2. Set a sleep schedule: Similarly, it’s normal for children to establish sleep schedules that allow them to go to bed later than usual, so it’s a good idea to get a good sleep schedule a few weeks before school starts. 
  3. Encourage independence: Make your children part of their school preparations (it can be as simple as making their own lunch), as this will give them the independence, they need to thrive in the academic aspect without receiving more help than they need.
  4. Give your children freedom: Allow them to choose the clothes and supplies they want to take to school. This will make them feel more excited to go back to classes.
  5. Have a healthy diet: Help them maintain good eating and hydration habits, as they will need it in order to have great academic performance and will also prepare them to cope with stress the best possible way.
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Stress and anxiety of returning to school

One of the most normal reactions that occur in students when they return to school is feeling anxiety and stress, which can be due to many factors. Some recommendations that can help reduce the negative feelings that may result from going back to school are:

  1. Maintain communication with your children. Allow them to open up with you and listen to their concerns.
  2. Help them externalize their concerns, for example, get a board with sticky notes, and for each concern they write, make sure to write something optimistic.
  3. Ask your children what makes them nervous, and once you know, act out those scenarios with them so they know how to react.
  4. Research different ways to relieve stress and anxiety and test what works out best for your children. 

Satefy at school

As a parent, you’re probably worried that your child might have accidents far from home, but there’s a way to be prepared for any that will give you peace of mind.

Medical coverage is a requirement in many schools in the United States, as health insurance is helpful to ensure the safety and well-being of all students. Similarly, more and more institutions require medical tests from their students. 

These requirements are necessary for almost, if not all, those who make up the student community of schools, but especially for people who practice school sports. Having health insurance that covers your children is something that benefits everyone, and it will take a lot of weight off you, because you can guarantee that wherever they are, they will be protected in the event of an accident.

As an extra recommendation, if any of your children have a high-risk medical condition, or have allergies to certain medications, you should consider a MedicAlert device, which will allow health care providers to take care of your loved ones in the best possible way, considering their medical pre-conditions and avoiding mistakes from medical experts

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Health insurance

Few things compare to sharing moments with our loved ones. That’s why at BYBS we want you to be sure that you can calmly and effectively take care of situations caused by a sudden event; helping you find coverings that perfectly suit you and your needs, guaranteeing the well-being of the people you love most. You already know! #CallBlanca. For more information visit our website, where you will find the different coverages we offer. We have guaranteed approval coverage, which allows you to enroll regardless of your health status, or for those who do not qualify for public health insurance. ( #CallBlanca(202) 316-4503

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Going back to school can be a source of anxiety for students, as each new school year also means coping with many changes, as well as re-establishing routines. As parents, we can support them to know that they are not alone in this process, and we can help them make their return to school as bearable as possible. Likewise, this season may result in worries for parents, as we would like to be able to protect our loved ones all the time. These problems have a solution, so don’t worry, get health insurance, and have a safe return to school!

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