5 tips to have an optimal visual health

The average person blinks between 16 and 20 times a minute. Despite blinking many times, we do not usually realize it, since the eyes are organs that we often take for granted. Also, many people are not aware of the care that the eyes require to have and maintain good visual health.

Organization as a Lifestyle and Mental Health

Have you ever wondered if you are an organized person, or have you noticed how you feel when your surroundings are disorganized? The chances of feeling restless when your work, study or rest areas are not tidy are very high, because being an organized person has a big impact on your mental health; it’s up to you whether that impact is positive or negative.

5 Ways to effectively manage and relieve stress

Today, with the situation we are experiencing due to the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the areas of health that is being affected the most is mental health, as there has been an increase in cases of anxiety and depression caused by the stress of quarantine confinement. Below, we will give you more information to know more about this response.

The Relation Between Mental and Physical Health

Most of the time, people that suffer the terrible effects and symptoms of mental disorders, also have to face the stigma and prejudice that surrounds them: people tend to think that people that suffer any kind of mental disorder are “crazy” or are “strange”, minimizing their experience, which actually is more common than most of us think: according to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), there are approximately 52.9 million people living with a mental illness in the United States alone.