Supplemental Medical Accident Insurance

Financial benefit that covers medical expenses resulting from an accident. Coverage per insured per accident that protects your economy, going from unplanned doctor’s appointments to air ambulance services.

Car accident

How does it work?

Concept Description
Packages$10,000 per insured with a $500 deductible
$12,500 per insured with a $500 deductible
$15,000 per insured with a $500 deductible
Benefits and servicesMedically necessary treatment by a Physician, nurse, or dentist.
Hospital Room and Board
Outpatient surgery
Dental work to sound natural teeth
Drugs and medicines
Diagnostic tests and X-rays
Casts, splints, and crutches
Blood and plasma
Rental of durable medical equipment
Air Ambulance ($4,000 per insured per accident)

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