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The importance of using MedicAlert ID devices

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Blood pressure

Curious fact: In an emergency, the bracelet is not the first thing medical staff will check. They are trained to check your vital signs and stabilize you before checking the bracelet.

This August, MedicAlert Awareness Month is celebrated, a system designed to keep all citizens safe, especially those suffering from adverse medical conditions. This month, it aims to promote prevention and improve medical care for patients, through a system that allows health workers to have access to the medical profile of the person they are treating, thus ensuring the well-being of everybody. 

MedicAlert History

MedicAlert was founded in 1956, by Dr. Collins in an attempt to protect his daughter from an allergy that almost ended her life. After an accident, Linda Collins went to the hospital where she was vaccinated with the tetanus antitoxin, to which she was allergic. Linda had a near-fatal allergic reaction that put her in a coma. Fortunately, Linda survived, but her father dedicated himself to finding a way to make sure this never happened again. That’s when Dr. Collins created the first bracelet detailing his daughter’s allergies. This idea then became MedicAlert, which would help millions around the world


What is MedicAlert?

MedicAlert is a system based on identification tags on bracelets and necklaces. These tags contain vital information for patients, as they are always linked to their health record, helping medical staff know whether you have a medical condition that needs to be treated in a specific way, or any allergy to a commonly used drug. This system also helps medical staff provide better care and, in the event of an accident, give the best possible treatment.

How do I obtain MedicAlert?

MedicAlert has an emergency response team that you can access inside and outside the United States. Also, MedicAlert has a website where you can consult the different plans they have. The packages usually cost between 24.99 USD to 74.99 USD per year, each with the same basic features, but with some extras as the price increases. 

  • The first package, priced at USD 24.99 per year, comes with only the basic features of all packages, this includes your digital health profile, a 24/7 telephone support kit, a vaccination record, a patient profile to print and instructions for patient care, whether you have an allergy to certain drugs or contraindications against certain tests such as MRI scans. 
  • The following packages, in addition to having the basic characteristics, have benefits that are important for conditions such as autism and dementia, as there is a 24/7 tracker to ensure patient safety, and an action plan against asthma for people suffering from this condition. 

Once you have bought a package you can buy your tags which will contain all your medical information at your fingertips.


How can I participate this month?

Participating in MedicAlert Awareness Month helps raise awareness on the importance of this system and the impact it has on people’s health. With the following actions, we can offer a life of well-being and stress-free, to people suffering from delicate health conditions: 

  • Get your bracelet: Even if it’s not for you, it’s important to get a bracelet for older adults in your family, as it will give them the safety they need to carry out their daily activities. Also, you will know that your loved ones will always be cared for in the best possible way.
  • Raise awareness: Although this system has been around for several decades, not many people know it exists, therefore MedicAlert encourages conversations regarding health and prevention.

Donate bracelets: It is also recommended to donate bracelets to retirement homes to ensure that older adults, who need them most, are always protected.

Why is this month important?

This month focuses on supporting the health of citizens, encouraging the promotion of a culture of prevention, supporting people of all ages, but mostly those with special medical conditions and elderly adults. Many times, at critical times, people cannot be treated immediately, wasting valuable time. MedicAlert can help save lives because the bracelets send a signal to the response team if urgent medical attention is needed. In addition, a large proportion of the elderly population live on their own, which makes it difficult for them to receive proper and quick medical attention in the event of an emergency, hence the importance of having a MedicAlert device that will ensure their well-being. Also, it is important to consider that being part of the MedicAlert system helps you live a stress-free life, because you will always be protected, and you will know that any situation that may threaten your health will be treated urgently.

Real story

Aimee tells the story of her nine-year-old son Brandon, a boy who likes to explore his garden and play in his treehouse. Brandon is a child diagnosed with autism; however, he rarely showed any symptoms, but one day, Brandon decided to expand his exploration, leaving his house, and heading to a place with lots of movement. Aimee was not at home and Brandon’s brother was in charge of taking care of him. When his brother realized he was not in the garden, he assumed that Brandon would be playing in the tree house, when, in fact, Brandon was no longer in the house. When Aimee arrived at the house and saw that her son was gone, she panicked and decided to go look for him in the nearby areas. Meanwhile, a lady located Brandon and found a MedicAlert bracelet for children with nonverbal autism on her wrist, so she decided to call the number on Brandon’s bracelet. Ten minutes later, MedicAlert staff contacted Aimee to give her her son’s location. 

Medical bracelet

Health insurance

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This month is about raising awareness on the importance the MedicAlert system has the well-being of the population, since it is a system that relieves the stress that people with special health conditions may experience. The purpose of MedicAlert is to ensure that all people can have personalized treatment from health care providers. As citizens, we can also help spread awareness about the importance of this system in our lives, and donating MedicAlert bracelets, so we can ensure that we all live a life of peace and well-being.

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