National Unlimited Health Coverage

Medical insurance helps you cover costs such as doctor’s fees, medical bills, exams, and medications.

It protects you against high and unlooked-for expenses. It helps you pay less for more and protects you even before you reach your deductible. Besides, it offers you many other significant benefits.

How does it work?

Concept Description
RequirementsMedical Underwriting
Customer ServicePerson to Person (P2P)
Providers NetworkPPO Preferred Provider Organization
Unlimited coverage, including organ transplant
Deductibles3 different options
Out of Pocket3 different options
Monthly PremiumFixed for 12 months
Additional BenefitsAnnual Check-Up and other medical-financial benefits while covering deductible
Telehealth24 / 7 w/o charge
RenewalGuaranteed up to 64 ½ years old
CancelationAt any given moment. With no penalty

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